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House rules

Welcome at Casa del Capo

-On check-out day, travellers are asked to leave the house by 10:00 a.m.. Early check-ins and late check-outs must be organised in advance and agreed with the landlady.

-Parking is not allowed within the property. The landlady would be happy to reserve a parking space on the travellers’ behalf at the parking located at Capo di Sorrento. Prices start at euro 15,00 per day.

-Each unit provides a private terrace that can be used exclusively by the unit’s guests. The garden and the swimming pool areas represent common spaces that are shared with other travellers and family members.

-Noise is not allowed at any time. Music equipment can be used at low volume. Travellers should be particularly considerate during the quiet times and during the night hours:
14:00 hours – 16:00 hours
23:00 hours – 08:00 hours.
During these times music equipments are not allowed and travellers should refrain from any conduct that could disturb others in the vicinity.

-The use of the garden dining area (Pergola, kitchen, barbecue and pizza oven) must be organised with the landlady’s consent.

-Only registered guests are permitted at Casa del Capo. Exceptions must be approved by the landlady.

-The use of electricity is free of charge at Casa del Capo. However travellers will have to pay an electricity fee in case of energy waste when using air conditioners and lights.

-Children and minors must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times, particularly when in the garden and the swimming pool areas.

-The pool has no lifeguard.

-The use of the pool between 20:00 hours and 06:00 hours must be organised and allowed by the landlady.

-Smoking is not allowed in the rooms.

-Travellers should take proper care of personal valuables. Casa del Capo is not responsible in the event of their theft, loss or damage.

-When using the swimming pool, travellers should pay attention not to let any object fall in the pool. Objects may choke the pipe lines and the drainage and cleaning system of the swimming pool.

-Travellers should not take the bathroom white towels to the swimming pool or to the sea. Multi coloured towels are available on request; multi coloured towels can be used for the swimming pool and they can be taken to the sea. Travellers can keep pool and sea towels during the whole stay. The cost amounts to euro 5,00 per towel.

-Extra cleaning can be organised on request; the cost of the service amounts to euro 70,00; the service includes bed linens and towels.

-The olives collection takes place yearly, at the end of October, and it generally takes two days. Travellers staying at the property in this period are given the schedule of the olives collection as early as possible. During the collection, loud equipment is used. Travellers willing to participate to the collection can refer to the landlady.

-The outdoor area lighting will be on until midnight. After this time, the pathway lighting will be on.

-Travellers can contact the landlady for any other piece of information (mobile phone +39 335 5882874).